Quantum ControlsQuantum Controls Company is a leading producer of software for integration and monitoring of automation devices that support open communication standards. The company owes its position to creation and continuous development of eQuest technology, intended for construction of the BMS and the SMS Internet software in the client-server architecture.

The products created on the basis of this technology is a family of the XBMS servers, designed for the implementation of a central surveillance system in facilities of different sizes. This comprehensive and open solution is to facilitate the design of monitoring systems for various purposes with a single, coherent information technology. Properly profiled software in the servers enables the BMS surveillance systems, the SMS security systems monitoring and automation of conference rooms. In addition, the XBMS servers are tools for implementation of a central, diffuse surveillance system, including monitoring of facilities located throughout the country.

The surveillance systems, implemented with the participation of the family of the XBMS servers, allow for effective management of facilities infrastructure while leveraging the potential provided by Internet and mobile devices. Universal access to the network allows free use of the server services. It is possible to remotely monitor, controlling and receiving notifications by such devices as smartphones and tablets. This is possible while maintaining security procedures. eQuest technology equip servers in a specific security mechanisms. Each has a built-in firewall and the full permissions service system. The protocols use encryption, the same as it is in the online banking systems.