What makes XBMS products unique?

The Internet

The servers designed to operate in the Internet environment, with particular regard to safety issues. They allow using the full potential provided by a global network and mobile devices.


Connecting to networks and devices has never been so easy. Operating a wide range of open communication protocols and flexible topology facilitates designing of systems in new facilities and infrastructure integration in existing facilities.


Availability of programming environments as well as iBasic and eXML languages allow arbitrary data processing, logic of events service and complex functions monitoring programming. In addition, access to the SDK environment allows software developers to create their own communication drivers and specialized applications.


The servers can operate in a cluster, providing seamless software redundancy.


The family of the XBMS servers simplifies the design of monitoring systems of different scales and of purpose with a single, coherent information technology. In addition, the XBMS servers are tools for the implementation of a central, diffuse surveillance system, integrating objects network monitoring.


Designers have full freedom to choose the devices and the systems from different suppliers. In this way the surveillance system becomes completely independent from the applied solutions.