The Water Park in Elk is a popular recreational facility in the region administered by Municipal Sport and Recreation Centre in Elk.

Residents enjoy sports swimming pool and recreation swimming pool, which additionally is equipped with water massages, waterfalls, waterworks, water jets and slide for children. In addition, there are also jacuzzi, suntan rooms and saunas: dry and infra-red.

In 2012 the Water Park Facility was thermomodernised in order to reduce emission of harmful gases and particulates into the atmosphere, through the use of renewable energy sources.


Delivery of the central surveillance system BMS for integration of automation systems, HVAC monitoring of media consumption and energy balance control of the facility in two types of solar power stations.


The Water Park Facility includes the designed central monitoring system BMS based on Neuron BMS Server, which integrates three buses: LonWorks, M-Bus and Ethernet.

The LonWorks network integrated heat meters of Kamstrup, heat pump of Viessmann and HVAC based on PLC drivers by Carell.

Within the framework of M-Bus network heat meters of Thermal Energy Company were integrated.

The system also includes monitoring of electricity analyser in the main switchgear, photovoltaic power station and solar power station switchboard.