PKP PLK data centers
Polish Railway Lines S.A. is the national network manager, responsible for maintaining and modernisation of railway lines and making routes available for passenger and freight carriers. The company is currently conducting a wide-ranging investment activity associated with the program of modernization of railway lines, the purpose of which is full integration of the Polish railway system the the European Union system.

In April 2011, Polish Railway Lines signed an agreement for implementation of ERTMS/GSM-R, the subject of which was to design and construct with equipment and staring-up of ERTMS/GSM-R infrastructure for radio connection railway system and ERTMS/ETCS Level 2 within the project "Modernization of Railway Line E30, Stage II. Pilot implementation of ERTMS/ETCS and ERTMS/GSM-R in Poland at a distance Legnica - Węgliniec - Bielawa Dolna".


Central monitoring system via SMS. Alarms from all monitored facilities (Poznań, Wrocław) are sent to the central server located in OC1 in Warsaw.


The distributed security systems monitoring based on Neuron BMS Server.

Alarms reported by the control panels and power subsystems or access control are analysed on ongoing basis. Each facility has its own monitoring scene and in the event of an alarm, the system automatically loads a scene to interface, indicating the source of the alarm.