Sewage Water "Legionowo" Company operates in respect of the collective water supply and waste water disposal in the city of Legionowo. Length of water network in Legionowo is currently approx. 100 km; in the city there are five pumping stations and water treatment stations. The city has a network of distribution sewer of length of approx. 118 km, with a network of 22 pumping stations.


Supply and implementation of central monitoring system of technical state of facilities distributed throughout the city.


Monitoring covered 22 pumping stations, 4 hydrophones and water treatment station including reading parameters related to the presence of power supply, operation time and failures of pumps, valves state and signals of breach of security of facilities. The central surveillance system on the basis of Neuron BMS Server was installed in SWC Legionowo. Signals from all monitored facilities are presented on the workstation screen in central monitoring room.