XBMS products are classified according to three major industry groups of surveillance systems. Facility installations of BMS profile are implemented using servers of Neuron class. Astro class servers are used for monitoring of telecommunication systems; CRS class servers are used to automation of conference rooms.

Depending on the size of the installation in facility, server software can be scaled in terms of the number of operated variables.

A separate group contains BOX servers that act as zone servers or operate monitoring of individual devices or small installations.

Neuron servers

Neuron class servers are intended for monitoring of devices supporting open communication standards in all facilities types. Neuron servers control technical subsystems, related to power, HVAC, lighting, water technology, and media consumption control as well as solar and photovoltaic power stations. BMS software profile allows using a wide range of all available drivers of all industries.

Astro servers

Astro class servers are intended for monitoring of telecommunication installations in all types of facilities. Server control covers safety installations of facility, such as alarm panels, access control, CCTV, etc.

CRS servers

CRS servers are intended to automate conference rooms in all types of facilities. In addition, the server control covers subsystems associated with facility safety, such as alarm panels, access control.