Astro SMS Server

Astro SMS Server is a central server designed for monitoring of safety systems in all types of facilities. It supervises fire alarm systems, gas detection or early warning systems panels. Astro can handle expanded access control system, consisting of passages network controllers or system of security of persons and property. For this purpose, it was equipped with specialized visualization interface, suitable for full alarm handling and integration of IP cameras. Optionally, the server can support external GSM modem to send notifications in the form of SMS.

  • The server designed for monitoring of the safety systems in all types of facilities.
  • Easy integration of network and devices supporting open communication standards: BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP and others.
  • Alarm operating, possibility to notify about events in visualisation interfaces and SMS (optional).
  • Operators interfaces, available in web browser on PC workstations, portable tablets and smartphones.
  • Possibility to create own scenes of visualization using ready controls of VDL.
  • Handling of IP cameras, the images from the cameras can be installed at any location on the stages associated with monitoring and alarm events.
  • eXML Language designed for creating graphical and tabular reports in PDF and HTML formats based on data from SQL database.
  • Built-in SQL database designed for data gathering and alarm recording.
  • Remote management and maintenance of the server using web browser.