Neuron BMS Server monitors and controls internal and external lighting. Lighting control of traffic routes and sanitary facilities is based on the information from the sensors. Lighting automation installed in electrical switchgear allows lowering the cost of the facility exploitation, by use of automation.

In large rooms, such as conference rooms or halls, the server automatically adjusts lighting levels to the standards required, controlling the level of lighting fixtures in the DALI standard and the inclination angle of blinds.

Automation also applied to external lighting fixtures, put on based on the readings of the light sensor.

Signals monitoring

Neuron BMS Server gathers signals from overall facility via signal switchboards. Signal switchboards are typical, prefabricated cabinets containing automation, designed for monitoring of various types of analogue and digital signals. The server uses them to control e.g. fluorescent lighting ballasts or reads measurements from temperature and humidity sensors. In addition, signal cabinets gather digital signals, e.g. doors and windows for heat optimisation.

PLC controllers

Neuron BMS Servers cooperate with a wide range of programmable PLC controllers of many well-known European manufacturers: EATON, ABB, SIEMENS, and many others, promoting open communication standards.