Safety Systems Integration

Astro SMS server integrates telecommunication installations directly affecting the improvement of safety in facilities. Both digital and analogue signals can be defined as alarms and associated with the selected audio signal, SMS or email.


Astro SMS server continuously monitors the sent messages by control panels providing safety workers with tools to control all signals from single, consistent interface for monitoring. It allows for quick and accurate identification of fire or intrusion in surveillance zone. In addition, monitoring covers the technical condition of panels, addressable linear elements and external safety devices such as fire gates or smoke vents.

Early fire detection

In some types of facilities, such as wooden historic facilities or server rooms, early fire warning panels are monitored. Astro SMS server receives the real-time data on the pollution level contained in the spectrum of the tested air. It makes real-time linear spectrum density graph and warns or alerts in the event of exceedances of pre-set thresholds.


Astro SMS cooperated with a wide range of IP cameras of known producers. Video images from the cameras are integrated directly on the stages in monitoring operator's graphical interface. Access control events or signals from alarm panels automatically switch the camera allowing quickly identify the causes of the event.


Network of drivers for controlled passages is constantly monitored for the occurrence of series of events such as lack of access authorization or technical defaults. Astro SMS server records all authorising events by gathering data for periodic or personal statements. Cooperating with appropriate camera it can capture images taken automatically for the selected areas.

Location of persons and property

Support for the open communications standards BACnet and LonWorks allows integrating RF/IR readers, intended for location of mini RFID transponders. Astro SMS server locates transponders placed in specialist diagnostic equipment or in medical personnel ID. At request, the system informs where equipment is located and gathers data about the place of residence on ongoing basis. It alerts in the event the authorised zones are passed.

Parking systems, central heating detection

Astro SMS server cooperates with parking systems. It allows monitoring of taken parking spaces and control devices for entries and departures. The server gathers information from digital recorders, equipped with a feature of licence plates detection. On this basis it automatically controls access ramps.


Astro SMS server is messages source for the Sound Warning Systems. Cooperation with SWS requires certificate approval to connect external sound sources. This is to confirm fire messages maintenance as tool for alternative sound sources. Messages in MP3 format gathered on the server disk can be played at any time and directed to the sounded selected zones.