Heating and cooling units

The main task of BMS system is to control and optimize energy balance of the facility. With reference to consumption of heat and cold, Neuron BMS Server controls a number of parameters of the thermal unit responsible for receiving and distribution of energy from the heating network. The typical task of the server in each facility is general monitoring of heating energy from unit, and in many cases monitoring of watermeters of tenants as well.

Solar power stations and heating pumps

Increasingly, due to the structural programs of the European Union, facilities are fitted with renewable sources of energy, requiring constant supervision. Neuron BMS Servers monitor solar power stations switchboards and optimize the thermal energy consumption, which is the largest energy savings during the current facility exploitation. In addition, the servers monitor heating pumps, which can be the primary source of heating energy in facilities or component responsible for recovery of energy, e.g. from sewage.

Air handling unit

Depending on the scale of the facility, Neuron BMS Server monitors individual air handling unit or integrates the central network, allowing full control of operating parameters (e.g. change in modes, settings). Emergency situations are supported as well; the technician receives notification e.g. there is no energy supply or filters need to be replaced.

Heating automatic, warm utility water consumption monitoring

In facilities designed for rental (technology parks, office facilities) Neuron BMS Server monitors and optimizes energy consumption. In this respect lighting, fan-coils drivers, and in case of conventional heating solutions, heaters valve heads are controlled. Furthermore, segments of facility equipped with utility water, heating water and ice water consumptions meters are monitored; the segments allow recording readings in the database and account tenants.

Air conditioning

Neuron BMS Server monitors a wide range of popular in the market fan-coils drivers, communicating using open standards, including Schneider Electric (former TAC), JohnsonControls, Daikin and many other, thus facilitating modernisation or extension, combined with integration of existing BMS installations.

Precise air conditioning

The neuron BMS servers monitor a wide range of specialized systems of precise air conditioning of producers known in the market: Stulz, Swegon Hiross, and many others.