Power monitoring

Neuron BMS Server provides full control of energy balance of the facility as well as for energy consumption electricity production. It controls the quality of supplied energy and monitors consumption using analysers and meters installed in main switchboard.

Photovoltaic power stations

Additional source of electricity are more often photovoltaic power stations, directly processing energy of solar radiation into electrical energy. The typical task of the server is to monitor production volumes and inverters operating status.

Monitoring of protection in switchgears

Main switchgear and zone electrical switchgears are centrally monitored for overcurrent or residual current protection operation. Protection monitoring and possibility of fast place location, where they are situated, is particularly important in special facilities such as hospitals.

Lighting automatic, energy consumption monitoring

In facilities designed for rental (technology parks, office facilities) Neuron BMS Server monitors and optimizes energy consumption. Control of lighting circuits is automatic, and meters for electricity consumption in facilities in designated segments are monitored.


In facilities of general interest (e.g. hospitals, shopping centres or water parks) equipped with the power generators, generator and automatic energy activation are continuously monitored by the server in the event loss of electricity and the need of safe evacuation.

Emergency power supply

Neuron BMS Server monitors a wide range of specialized systems of emergency power supply of producers known in the market: Benning, EATON, Emerson and many others. Great performance and storage capability of external energy sources are typical of them. Such systems are typically used in server rooms.