The purpose of creation of eQuest information technology was a combination of several properties that are relevant in the software used to implement central monitoring systems.

  • Network and devices integration, eliminating problems of free connection of products if independent manufacturers into one coherent system, and taking into account possibilities provided by the global network (the Internet) development.

  • Monitoring of industrially distant, relevant systems using one IT technology. Typical facilities systems: telephone lines, safety and systems related to meeting rooms, can be supervised jointly in one system. This unique feature greatly simplifies design process and makes the central monitoring system operation in the facilities of different operating nature has become much faster and easier..

  • The exchange of data between multiple servers based on BACnet IP protocol has made it possible to design local and distributed monitoring systems on the basis of local network and the Internet.

  • Support for collaborative work on the Internet. Implementation of even very complex monitoring system is much faster and cheaper when launching of the system can be carried out by many experts at the same time.

  • Maintaining the highest safety standards in the operating system, access to administration applications and full control of the users' permissions.

  • Programming support for drivers for the devices on several levels.

  • Programming support for specialized web applications integrated with the BMS server and using common database.

eQuest open architecture clearly separates the producer's role from the operations, which can be carried out only by integrators. For this purpose, four basic service layers with their own programming language are distinguished:

  • Programming of own functions, logic of events and data processing in iBASIC language;

  • Constructing of appearance and content of the reports, for this purpose compiler of eXML language is available;

  • Programming of SQL queries from eXML language to the database. Queries are source of data for reports and specialized applications;

  • Programming of logic of monitoring layer in the environment of Adobe Flash. For advanced users ActionScript programming language is available.