eQuest can create simple or very advanced reports on the basis of eXML - document description language. Depending on needs, report can be a simple table with a list of records, or one of the many graphical chart types.

Creating reports begins with data preparation. In the administrative part of the server the relevant log-in tables, where parameter values are read from the device, are defined for this purpose.

Prior to saving in the table, date can be freely processed in triggers, using the instructions and functions of iBASIC language. In this way the following can be calculated: average temperatures, activity times of machines or connect the measurements or statuses of the devices with information coming from other installations, e.g. access control.

Reports are stored on the server in the form of text files of eXML language. The file of report description consists of sections, labelled with tags allowing definition of report structure, appearance and data sources in the form of SQL queries.

eXML editor

Editor eXML

The content of a report can define HTML forms for entering the user's arguments in the pre-starting-up report phase, e.g. date for periodic summaries, name of the person or machine number for which summary is to be prepared, etc.

As a result of the report starting-up, the document in the form of HTML or PDF is generated.