Operating System

The emergence of eQuest technology is closely connected with the development of OpenBSD operating system. It is multi-task operating system of UNIX class, compliant with POSIX standard. OpenBSD developers stressed strong protection of the system, built-in cryptography and the highest safety standards for the source code and communication protocols. These are important conditions necessary for protection of data and software, the purpose of which is min. monitoring of security systems. OpenBSD is widely regarded as the system, which in a completely safe manner can work on the Internet available for users on the public IP.

Applications and protocols

Safety issues have been the subject of eQuest analysis already in the early phase of design. Communication, hardware and software safety as well as physical aspects of safety were taken into consideration. Being aware of the diversity of ways in which the system can be attacked, it was possible to predict and design protection capable to resist these attacks. Finding computer system weaknesses at the stage of creation is not easy, but possible to a large extent.