Drivers for devices

A fundamental feature of eQuest technology is the ability to create communication drivers for devices in C++ by independent companies. For this purpose SDK development environment was established, which allowed code writing and testing functions in cooperation with the device, for which driver is created. Companies with proper potential can create and test drivers independently.

Drivers can be made at request by system integrators, manufacturers and distributors. The cost of driver making can be calculated in the design phase of surveillance system in the facility, when it is known what devices will be applied.

Specialized applications

SDK allows creating source code for administrative applications in OO PHP language. The BMS server or the SMS server can be used in combination with the different specialized devices, such as digital recorder with detection of registration tables, RCP readers, etc. The information relevant to the user can be gathered in the database and used by specialized applications to perform scheduled functions. The creation of such applications depends on the investor's needs and the role played by the BMS server or the SMS server in facility.

Specialized applications can be made at request in cooperation with the investor or design office. Cost of application making can be calculated in advance on the basis of functional requirements.