Distributed integration

Development of global Internet network has resulted in the fact that more and more technical and trade facilities, located in agglomerations, regions or across the country, include monitoring. eQuest technology allows creating simple and complex distributed monitoring networks.

In a simple model facility-oriented drivers are equipped with GSM gates, by which they can communicate with the nearest BTS station, gaining access to dedicated or public APN. In this way they gain access to TCP/IP layer, and as a result to the central server or zone monitoring server.

In the facilities with extensive telecommunication or HVAC installations, the BMS integration server can be used directly as a gate to distributed monitoring. Exchange of data with the higher-level server on the Internet is by using BACnet IP protocol.

Distributed system can operate in cascade architecture, allowing load distribution with data logging on a few servers zone, available in different segments of the Internet. Such solutions are used to integrate monitoring with the large number of facilities.

The zone servers are to collect data from the group of distributed facilities and transfer of initial or fully processed information, which can be recorded centrally and freely used for comparative analyses, to the higher-level server.