NetBinder tool

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NetBinder is advanced tool program designed to integrate devices. This is an integral part of every server of XBMS family. Application running in a web browser allows real-time monitoring of communication with devices, drivers operation diagnosis and provides features allowing efficient management of created connections. In the start-up phase of the supervision system, NetBinder provides the integrators with iBASIC language development environment with possibilities of team work.

Each output parameter can be associated with event launching feature (so-called trigger). Integrators can create their own triggers, then they have full control over the ways to connect, logic of the system and data processing. Development environment consists of source code editor, syntax template generator, compiler and debugger.

NetBinder allows creating connections 1 to 1 and 1 to ∞ between any output and input parameters using "drag&drop" technique. In this mode triggers are created automatically, generated in the form of source code in iBASIC language.

If complex logic is needed to be used or advanced correlative connections are needed to be performed, ∞ to ∞ , triggers and global functions can be created independently in iBASIC language code.