Surveillance profiles

eQuest technology has a unique set of features, which make it possible to achieve different profiles for monitoring in single, coherent system of information. In this way, strictly industrial surveillance systems and mixed ones, e.g. HVAC monitoring with control panels monitoring, can be implemented.

Each profile contains a set of typical drivers and software modules for industry. In addition, BMS profile can be extended with any components, typical for other profiles. As part of the profile, the appropriate server, in proportion to the scale of the facility, can be selected.

Building Management System

BMS is high-level and the most universal surveillance profile, which can combine different industrially relevant installations occurring in facilities. It is intended primarily for the integration of HVAC systems, power or control of media consumption, etc.; however, it can be successfully used for monitoring of each type of telecommunication installation. It works well where a combination of a variety of sector installations in one central system is required.

Security Management System

Software profile, adjusted only to telecommunication systems monitoring. It is often used to integrate safety systems, particularly in the case where monitoring cannot be shared with BMS profile. In this profile Astro SMS server is completely self-contained, separated from the remote access via the Internet.

Conference Room System

Software profile, adjusted to conference rooms automation. These type installations are specific and require support for a range of industry-leading audio/video devices in combination with blinds, sound or adjustable lighting.

CRS systems can operate autonomously or in cooperation with BMS central system to automatically preparation of the conference rooms.